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Hi guys, sorry to interrupt and being off-topic. But my name is Mei and I'm a fangeek of ATLA (mostly) I also like TLA, but I like ATLA even more ;D . I learnt in forums you have to start with an introduction thread like this, so I made one, since I was searching and searching and there are no Introduction Forums. I also join a Forum-Fansite called LastAirbenderFans or mostly known as the LAF Click Here to open the LAF I also hope to know more about the auditions (TLA 2) and if the show has been greenlit or not. I'm an 11 year old Asian girl (Indonesian) and will try to be an active member  ;D

Welcome to the Forum!
There is actually an introduction thread, here:

where you can make a proper intro.

(P.S. check out my posts on The Village)

[P.P.S. watch The Village]


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