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Was Quentin Tarantino marketing idea right?

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I read on Wikipedia that Quentin thought Unbreakable would have been better marketed with the question "what if Superman was on earth, and didn't know he was Superman [rather than as a psychological thriller]

I think its a good question...what do you think?

Nope. It would have made the whole "am i super human or is he just crazy?" part of the movie (about half of it) pointless.
We're supposed to identify with Dunn's character, not Mr Glass.

I like that, 'am I superman or is he crazy'---thats a very good way to describe David's dilemma...but I'm not sure if it swings our allegiance. In other words---I hardly think anyone would agree with Elijah's rationalization for his evil acts---to find David

well what I'm saying is that Tarrantino's tagline would push us more toward Mr. Glass's point of view and limit our identification with David in his uncertainty.

I think you're underestimating folks...I think fans of Unbreakable are smarten than that.


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