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Something funny about Signs 10 years later....

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The way we use short hand in speech and the written word made me realize that our communication is slowly morphing into that of the aliens in Signs.

I mean, really. Think about how we shorten everything these days ROFLMAO

In 100 years, I'm sure we will click, clack, buzz, and grunt our way through common conversations.

Maybe those aliens had it right all along. Just meant this to be an amusing anecdote. I expanded on this theory here...

But really, just wanted to share with some Signs fans.

I love the film. Hope M. Night gets back in a rhythm with his next few films.

Interesting. I love language, especially English. You would probably be interested in reading A History of Romance. That book changed how I look at language and the evolution of English in particular all the way up from Greek and Latin, through French and from German.

Interesting! Never thought of this whole language and signs thing.

Hehehe, I'd made the comment to my parents that I already speak like the aliens to them and my siblings. We stopped using names to get each other's attention years ago in favor of the absurd number of weird sounds I inadvertently discovered I could make. I got their attention better with them anyway (being the youngest in the family you kind of get interrupted constantly to the point you just stop speaking :P).



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