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Need to get into film school.


I am 16 and need to get into film school. I know some say that you dont need it but not going to college is not an option. I want to go to full sail university but i need some other good film schools. Ive looked online researching this stuff till my eyes bleed and it just gets confusing. i need to know of other good film schools in my reach. Here is my situation: I live in Georgia, not to bad of living but i will still need loans and scholarships to make it possible, I am an okay student (math is not so good but still passing) SAT and GPA are unknown. so their it is. i need other options and i have looked in to evergreen in Washington state along with NYU but i just dont know. if anyone can provide info or web links it would be appreciated.

Savannah College of Art and Design. They have campuses in Savannah and Atlanta and are a very well-known film school. Good luck.

I'm not familiar with that area but I am familiar with college education.  First, I would suggest you try to apply for some federal grants (like in Georgia that could be take down the insane price of admissions.

Any school that offers broadcasting or film studies would be a good find but check around and find out who has the best classes for what you want to study. Some classes (example: Video Porduction) are only offered during a specific semester (winter, spring, fall). Finding a good advisor (at your college) will help make this clear.

I have also found (now being a graduate) the there is a lot of online resources that can be very useful to continue your education.


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