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Looking for Someone to Promote my Work


Well, if M. Night can come "out of nowhere" (we all know THAT isn't true!), maybe it's not too late for me.  I am the author of two books.  Both are published as e-books on Kindle.  They couldn't be more different from each other.  My first book, which took me over 15 years to write, is a history of Ronald Reagan's Social Security Disability Reviews.  Yes, I was caught up in them.  I was a 36 year old woman with MS and children.  I ended up being one of the 6% who persisted through the entire "review" process into Federal Court to win reinstatement of my benefits.  Actually, I'm one of a smaller number, because by then, about half the 6% had died.  I have a BA in American Studies and an MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia University in N.Y.  My book: "America's War on the Disabled..." has an extensive Bibliography.  It was free on the internet for years, and had thousands of readers, almost entirely disabled people who had struggled with the system (over a million people apply for disability benefits every year.)  I published it as an e-book seeking a wider audience (after all, it's a little too late to find out the problems when you're already stuck in the system!)  My second book took me about three months to write.  It's a "memoir" of sorts.  My father, a former Hollywood Screenwriter, had severe Bi-Polar disease, but he was the healthy adult in my family.  My mother was Schizophrenic, and my relationship with her is the theme of the book which is entitled "The Christmas Pedophile and Other Stories about my Mother."  With a title like that, who doesn't want to read it?  (The "Christmas Pedophile" is a true story.  My mom wanted to visit me and my kids one Christmas, but she was broke and didn't drive.  She had a male friend whom she knew was a pedophile drive her to NYC.  Of course, they had no place to stay, and so they stayed with me (and my two kids!)  And of course, I never let the kids out of my sight.)  I am a 67 year old woman who STILL has MS, and while I find I can still write, what I can't do is PROMOTE.  I don't have the knowledge or the energy to figure out how to let people know the books are out there!  I can't pay much, but I will really be sad to have my books "dropped" because no one is buying them.  I KNOW I write well, and I know both books are worth reading.  If you are interested, contact me at [email protected]  I write under my maiden name of Tennise Broeck Morse (it's Dutch!).

Hi, it's still me!  Not really replying, just adding!  When "America's War..." was free on the internet, I got an e-mail from a woman telling me that the book kept her from killing herself.  She had a plan and a date!  But, she didn't want to do it on one of her children's birthdays, so she sat down late at night on the computer thinking "Tomorrow is the day!" and came upon my book.  She stayed up reading it, and in the end decided to go on living.  I had a batch of e-mails from readers, but when I put the book up as an e-book, I wasn't allowed to quote any of them as "reviews."  Plus, I find that - because of the title - my book is in a "War" section!  This is why I need help!


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