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Mnightfans New Member Guide
« on: October 21, 2004, 08:20:53 AM »
 Welcome to MNightFans.

"Always listen to the moderators..." -Major,

Hi I Am New To MNightFans! Welcome! Ask questions if you need to, we don't mind!' target='_blank'>WelcomeThread

Help: Take three minutes out of your life and read it. Please?' target='_blank'>MNightFans Help' target='_blank'>TERMS OF SERVICE: Read this...seriously READ IT.

The Search Function: Always use this if you question the originality of your thread. You can find most anything you are looking for on this site by simply using the Search function at the top of the screen. 90% of the threads locked now are because people seem to refuse to use the search function. Remember, just because you find something clever on the internet does not mean you are the first.' target='_blank'>The Search Function

The Private Messenger: Sometimes a post isn't neccesary. Instead of posting: "Cool" or "Yeah" or "I agree" you can just as easily PM the member. Click the name of the person and choose SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE. Easy as pie.

Modship: Don't ask to be a mod. The mods were chosen specifically by Specter, the administrator of this site. Occasionally more mods are recruited, other than that...leave it be.

Polls: Polls are ok, occasionally, but try not to make a poll unless you REALLY have to.

Flaming: We are all guilty of this one time or another. But please refrain from flaming people. Flaming is any kind of attack on another user, please not that you can use Private Messages to argue with people about off topic stuff. But be warned, you can be banned from this site due to Private Message content. So, count to ten, take a deep breath and try to resist the temptation ;)

"Debating is when you engage in argument by discussing opposing points. Flaming is when you post an insulting criticism about someone's personal life or other non issues..

We encourage you to debate... But Flaming is what nobody wants.

If you see someone flaming or something inappropriate... Report that post/thread to Mods immediately (Located at top right of all posts) Its the best way to bring it to our attention."
-Ace, MatrixFans

Post Content: Please post threads in the appropriate area.   Also, try to name the thread relative to what the thread is about. Not: "Dood chek this out!!"

Post Counts: If there is one thing intolerated here it is spam. Post counts mean nothing, it is the quality of the post. There are members here with only around 300 posts that are valued to MNightFans, then there are the 1,000 posters that we could all do without.

Pinned?: That means the thread is locked to the top of the page...usually important or popular.

Foul Language: Avoid using an excessive amount of foul language. Its very childish and people might not take you seriously.  Plus, this is a FAMILY SITE.  Be mindful of that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully it was helpful.

(thanks to Lem at my site' target='_blank'> for writing this for us all to benefit from.)