Why Didn?t The Critics Like This Movie?

Author Topic: Why Didn?t The Critics Like This Movie?  (Read 31754 times)


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Re: Why Didn?t The Critics Like This Movie?
« Reply #60 on: September 07, 2009, 12:38:53 PM »
Not to continue beating a dead horse, but I guarantee you that if the Coen Brothers had put out The Village, or even Lady in the Water, the critics would have lauded it, and put it up for an Oscar. 

DILinator, you said it all with this phrase! Brilliant!
Critics just can't take it that a filmmaker can be sincere, spiritual, nice and talented altogether. MNS telles stories straight from his heart and his methods of expressing them just happen to be masterly and original. He never shows off, each frame and word in his movies have purpose, and he just keeps telling stories. Simple stories with simple means - but they look exquisite! He's adored by his actors, he's got the best cinematographers, he's very clear and he's an idealist. That's, I guess, something those snobs don't stand as well. He doesn't claim or try to be deep - he is deeper than most filmmakers will ever be.