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 Who figured out Bruce Willis's character was dead before it was revealed. I knew the minute that ring dropped, I was like


No way!

 I was like this:

 :huh:  :blink:  :o  B)

And then I wanted to see the movie again!

Pretzel Head:
 I came i late long time after id already heard few various jokes that Bruce was dead.  After i saw the movie i cried for my loss. :(

 A friend of mine told me the end of some days before I saw it.
I actually didn?t believe him.
 And then i saw it....and he was right....

That bastard

 I knew before I saw the movie for the first time. I was saddened, but it didn't ruin the movie overall for me. I still find that it's a solid hit, and well deserved at that.


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