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 Source: Variety

--- Quote ---Only a few days after M. Night Shyamalan decided to make Lady in the Water as his next film at Warner Brothers, Fox 2000 Pictures has begun talks with director Alfonso Cuaron ("Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban") to helm their adaptation of Yann Martel's bestselling novel "Life of Pi".

Cuaron's agent contacted Fox 2000 to offer the director's services when Shyamalan turned his back on the project to which his name has been attached since October 2003. Cuaron is currently casting "Children of Men" at Universal, and a deal needs to be worked out with Warner Brothers, where Cuaron is based.
--- End quote ---

Thank Goodness. I didn't enjoy the book at all. Maybe M. Night will write, direct and produce yet another original suspense instead.  :)

 Awww man.... I was really hoping he'd write and direct that movie. I really enjoyed the book. This sucks, Beavis....

 I never read it but Alfonso Cuaron is amazing. I will see anything he does.

I'd rather Shyamalan do drama/thriller films anyways.  

The Real Mr.Glass:
 I think M. Night should write and direct his own stuff, he shouldn't be adapting any book, or someone elses script. Does anyone remember him for writing Stuart Little?? Nope..

 Alfonso Cuaron, or Jean-Pierre Jeunet would fit better to make this movie.

 Hmm. No one's posted here in awhile, so this post probably counts as talking to myself. ... I just finished reading the book and cannot figure out why Pi's story is supposed to make me believe in God. Did I miss something? Or I am too cynical?....  :unsure:

I don't see Shyalaman's name attached to the movie anywhere at the moment. (I'm still sifting through Google's 2.3 billion hits. :blink: ) Does anyone know if he is producing?



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