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 I have all of Night's DVD's except I can't find Praying with Anger.  Does anyone know where to purchase this DVD or is it not on DVD yet?  If not, does anyone know if there are plans for the release on DVD.

I don't think it will come on dvd.I'd like to see it,too,but that's impossible..

we should start a petition or something!  i'm dying to see this movie!

I think we should go to the NYU's Tisch School of Arts to find something... :lol:

In France, that's absolutely impossible to find this movie, and apparently in America too. That's weird it doesn't exist on dvd or something..
The first Shy's movie! I would like so much to see it! But I readed it was really different of his others movies: no fantastic story, just a indian people who comes back to his country.. That's must be interesting..


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