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Dr Malcolm Crowe:
 Apperently M. Night Shyamalan is no longer going to be producing the film "Life of Pi". Once set to direct and produce the film, Shyamalan opted to step down from the directors chair in order to direct his own film, "Lady in the Water". Alfonso Cuar?n (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Y tu mam? tambi?n) then stepped in as director, with Shyamalan remaining as a producer. Recent developments have Shyamanlan no longer producing, and Cuar?n no longer directing. Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Am?lie / A Very Long Engagement) will now be directing. Jean-Pierre Jeunet has been writing the script with Guillaume Laurant, his collaborator on Amelie.

Thanks to for information.

 that's bound to be...weird then!

Dr Malcolm Crowe: has been really strange of late. They have Night back with Producing and Writing credits. The weird thing is that Alfonso Cuar?n  is back as a director but as a co-director w/ Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I highly doubt that is right. Also credited with a writing credit is Jeunet's long time collaborater Guillaume Laurant. Instead of one team or the other, it's both?!?
I will keep a close eye on this.

 Guys I just took a look on IMDB and it says Life of Pi is still due in 2007. Maybe they just havent taken it down, but it I got a feeling he's still up to the project.

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
 Nah, I dunno. He was up, then they took him down, then put him back up again. Thats a little weird.
Same thing happenend with Howard Shore and King Kong. They took him down, replaced him with JNH, then took JHN down and replaced him with Howard Shore. JNH did the score, and is now correctly credited back on IMDb.


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