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Time Magazine Interview With M Night

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 From Time Magazine......

"What?s next for you?"

"I have two ideas. One is a big, broad idea, a Jurassic Parkian kind of idea. And one is kind of an Agatha Christie type idea. I?m trying to decide which to do."

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
 hey, thanks!! Totally cool news! I would love to see an erie murder mystery/Agatha Christie/Hitchcock type film. I think he is leaning towards the Adventure/Jurassic Park idea though. He is going to want to prove he can still bring audiences. Maybe he will go the other way and prove and can please the critics....who knows? I can't wait!

 I hope he keeps going down the same path myself.  And I hope only directs what he writes.  I'm lost in how great Lady in the Water is.  I think it is one of the amazing movies of our time.  The only reason I want him to maybe do the Jurassic Park idea is because, as much as I enjoyed Jurassic Park, I think M Night could do something better, and it kinda pisses me off that anyone ever said he was the next Spielberg because I think M Night is a better director, and he writes his own stuff as well.  

 I'm sure WB will support him no matter what he does.

H.E. Pennypacker:
 Oh, GOD.  That Agathie Christie type film woudl be freakin' ORGASMIC.  He really needs a film like that to revive his career with the critics.  Something like AND THEN THERE WERE NONE perhaps?  OMGOMGOGMOGMOGMGOMGOM!!!!!


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