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Dr Malcolm Crowe:
 This Mock-Doc is a bit stange and boring, but the parts with M. Night are great! I'm surprised that people actually bought into this thing being 'real', though Night does come off very natural at being just a hair on the bizarre side. LOL. I like seeing Night interact with his fans at the Sub Shop and the Club/Bar. Plus, Johnny Depp was very funny! My brother thinks I'm insane cause I made it all the way through this DVD. :P

 I agree, it was bizarre, but I bought it for the heck of being a Night fan.  I always crack up at the Ouiji board kid and Johnny Depp talking about eating donuts.  It's funny to see other clips of little kid Night movies too, and pics of him when he's a kid.

 Yeah the explanations could actually seem true. Would explain the way he came up with ideas.

 Eventhough it was a fake, it was kind of good at parts to!

 i was totally amazed when i saw it......n i dont think its a fake cause they have shown many proofs in it n why  he got upset when he was interviewed .....n da pond accident....da pic made by him they got from his teacher...


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