Hello, I Am New Here And Certainly A Fan!

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Hello, I Am New Here And Certainly A Fan!
« on: July 29, 2006, 09:03:17 PM »
 Hi all,

   my name is Jason and I share a love and admiration of M. Night's films. I'm one of the only people I know of who absolutely loved The Village and I was completely taken by The Lady in the Water.

   You know, critics constantly say that his films come off as pompous or arrogant... how in the hell do you walk out of The Lady in the Water with that notion? I thought it was a beautiful film about caring, being humbled by seemingly impossible circumstances, and there was a lot of love, understanding, and tolerance in this film. Personally I think Giamatti should win an award for his performance for the ritual scene alone! Tore my heart right out of me, brilliant work! I absolutely loved this film and I laughed my arse off during his "stab"(?) at film critics, I think he hit that one right on the money.

    My personal take on the whole situation is that I think M. Night's got his mind and his heart in the right place. He tells stories about the human condition set to various backdrops and I just don't pick up arrogance or pompousness at all. His character in the new film was wonderful, the catalyst for the impact to change everything about the story. His character was so humble and accepting of what was told to him of his future... it was such an incredible film moment for me to witness that.

    In a world where Hollywood pumps out garbage day and night it's refreshing to see someone making films from his heart and soul. I don't go to the movies much at all these days but I'll lay down $9 a pop for an M. Night film - no questions asked. He makes you think and feel like a human being actually should (in my opinion) and no wonder all the critics hate his films... that's the state that the collective mind of the media and even the masses are in these days.

    I walked away from that film refreshed and with a feeling that there is hope in the world, in us... human beings, and I just don't get where people say he's self-righteous. He makes movies that actually have something to say, that make people have to look at themselves on a deeper level and I honestly think that people either don't like to look that deep or they don't know how.

   I would love to meet M. Night... not because he's a director, but because he seems like one hell of a human being.

LOVED THE FILM... would love to see it again, will definitely own it along withe all of his others that I currently do own.


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Hello, I Am New Here And Certainly A Fan!
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2006, 04:05:23 PM »
 nice intro lol. I am glad to hear your love for his movies.