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 Well what do you think he will do next. His imagination is one of most unique in hollywood so odds are none of us are gonna get it lol. But still post your idea!

I think it may have something to do with Vampires. He always loved Vampires and such so, might be his chance now.

 I always thought it would be cool to do a movie about vampires, but there are so many movies about them.  I'm sure M. Night will do it different.

I think he might do a movie about...a circus keeping a secret?

 Are you serious?

I don't think M.Night likes to do Vampire movies. He just sticks with his own ideas and they are all unique. And you are right, there are lots of vampire movies.


I think M.night should do a very different movie. May be, a war movie. The reason I want him to do a war movie because he always uses news and TV in his movies and they show war footages.

And also, I want M.Night to do some scary movies based in the EAST, not japanese. Indian scary ghosts, Middle Easter scary tales. Lots of Ghost story are famous there.



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