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 I don't even know where to start.. There was the most frustrating review in a local paper that i read! First, the review pokes fun at the names of the characters/creatures.. ok that is to be expected i suppose.. The review continues to call LITW a "sodden story of a mermaid that finds her way into a shabby swimming pool. What happens next is a muddled condescending fable with religious overtones!" What is so muddled or condescending about LITW???? I don't understand this at all. M Night's movies are anyhting but condescending!! Then, the reviewer says that Bryce Dallas Howard looks "like an extra from a tori amos video." OK, i will just let you guys digest that one for yourselves.. isn't that annoying though?? I am so sick of people not getting m night's films!! I am sick of all the bad reviews.. this review also called The Village, which i thought was stunning and amazing, a "laugh-riot!" uuuugh.. i am annoyed

 Yeah I sorta hate it when they go outside of the movie to make fun of the director's and stuff. The guy is just a jerk.

I hate that same thing because the people who review these movies dont pay attention. Mermaid really. the man came up with a totally new and good bedtime story/ fairy tale. Do you know how hard that is. I hate those kind of people. SHE'S A NARF!!!!!


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