Missing Scenes In Wide Awake

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Missing Scenes In Wide Awake
« on: August 07, 2006, 10:21:53 PM »
 I know this should probably have posted this in the specific "Wide Awake" forum, but I really am interest in seeing if anyone can help me.  

Okay, I recently bought a dvd of "Wide Awake" and was surprised to see that some of the scenes that were included the first time I saw the movie were missing!  I first saw the movie when I rented it shortly after it came out.  Just the other day, I thought about it and remembered liking it, and ordered it online from bestbuy.  What first bugged me was that I remembered Hope kissing Joshua, yet she doesnt in the version I have.  I looked online at amazon, and one of the main descriptors is that the movie depicts "first kisses".  Has anyone else noticed?? I feel like there may be even more missing than that.... Does anyone know where I can find the first version?  I checked the dvd, there is no deleted scenes options or anything.  I cant find anything about it from several google searches and I feel like I'm going crazy!  Any info is appreciated.