The train theory

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The train theory
« on: June 27, 2017, 01:58:43 PM »
So, Split was released on DVD last week. Yesterday I finally had time to watch it again. This time, knowing that David will eventually battle The Horde in a third movie, I noticed a couple things. What struck me was that in both Split and Unbreakable, a train plays a special role. In Unbreakable obviously because of the traincrash that David survives, and in Split because 'The Beast' lives on a rail yard. Supposebly because Kevin's father left on a train.
In Split, we can see Dennis (or actually I believe it's Patricia) buy flowers and leaving them on the platform before boarding the train. Did Kevin's dad die on Eastrail #177 and are the flowers for him? If so, then his dad didn't 'leave' his family, since the train was going back to Philadelphia.

According to IMDb trivia facts, I'm not the first one who noticed this. This could have been classic Shyamalan, showing us something right in our faces, yet we missed it the first time. With the derailing of Eastrail #177, Mr. Glass created two opposites: The hero and the villain...
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