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G4TV: “Do M. Night’s Movies Suck?” TV Apperance

Hi Everyone!
You might have noticed that I haven’t personally posted any news in several days, but I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had much access to the net. Specter has been doing excellent job, as always, but if you’ve missed me you can see me defend M. Night on national television tomorrow night! G4TV’s  program “Attack of the Show” will be having a panel discussion asking “Do M. Nights Movies Suck?” and I will be one of the 3 panelist battling it out! The show airs Thursday July 20th at 7pm/et (tomorrow night). Other panelists will be TV Guide film critic The Flick Chick, FilmThreat.com’s Chris Gore, and MNightFans.com’s very own Teddy Blass, aka “Dr Malcom Crowe”. Check it out, this is must see TV y’all! If you’re not familiar with G4TV and “Attack of the Show” you should be. Anyways, see y’all tomorrow night at 7:00!

15 Responses to “G4TV: “Do M. Night’s Movies Suck?” TV Apperance”

  1. Wags says:

    Go team!

  2. Gustavo says:

    Good Night, and good luck.

  3. MNightFan430 says:

    What channell is it on? I only have basic cable… Please tell me!!! 🙂

  4. Paul Martin Specter says:

    Awesome! Congrats on getting on the show! Represent us well, bud! 🙂 I don't have cable, so I hope that someone gets it online soon after it airs!

  5. omid says:

    someone record and upload it for those who dont get this channel please!!

  6. Sandyintheburgs says:

    Gee, I don't know if I'm going to be able to watch. The title of the program is kind of vague…. :laughing: :laughing:(I crack myself up. :smile:)

  7. Gustavo says:

    Post the show on YouTube! 😉

  8. Maya says:

    Sounds fun. 🙂

  9. Dr. Malcom Crowe says:

    Sometimes G4TV's website hosts the video itself. http://www.g4tv.com/attackoftheshow

    The name of the segment is called “The Loop”.

  10. Dr.Hill42 says:

    Finally, something on that show worth watching.

  11. Rohan says:

    I got my G4TV and in fact I wasn't even aware of this channel. It kind of more looks like MTV or VH1.

    Anyways, can't wait for the show…


  12. MNightFan430 says:

    WHAT CHANNEL IS IT?!?!?!? :laughing:

  13. Rohan says:

    I have comcast cable and I believe its not on basic or standard. I think you must sign up for the BOX either for HBO or showtime or CINEMAX and that silver packages comes with other unknown or never seen before channels and I looked today there was G4TV, and is channel #136.


  14. Dnlle says:

    I wish I had cable so I could watch it. Good luck and give 'em hell! 😉

  15. rohan says:

    That was such an rip off, I tuned at 7PM california time and there was nothing on as “LOOP” or arguments about M.Night's films..


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