Avatar: The Last Airbender

Is this Young Aang?

It appears they’re going to be casting a boy to play the role of Young Aang.  Could this be for small scenes of him growing up at the Air Temple under the guardianship of monk Gyatso?  What do you think of the possibilities of going back to pre-Avatar Aang?  Nothing has been committed yet, but this is the boy in the running for the role…

Is THIS the Young Aang?
(before he became the Avatar)

Young AangYoung Aang
Young Aang

11 Responses to “Is this Young Aang?”

  1. blah ha ha ha says:

    :wink:I think this kid could do it

  2. shadowbender says:

    Finally, a good choice for casting.

  3. Paul Martin Specter says:

    Yeah, I think that kid would do an awesome job. I also love the idea of going back in time to Aang’s pre-Avatar days, when he’s learning from Gyatso.

  4. Lionpaws says:

    He looks so cute! Yes this is a good choice. :laughing:

  5. Ireth says:

    Very cute! If he were a furry animal, I think Sokka would catagorize him under “Foo Foo Cuddlely Poops!”

    I am interested to see how Aang ended up in the monestary. (spelling). Interesting.

  6. Ameryth says:

    If this kid were to be Aang before the iceberg, would he have to play Aang after the iceberg as well? He looks far too young. Aang, despite his youth, is very mature.
    Though i think it is infinitely preferable to having an adult play the part.

  7. ICdedPpole says:

    :tongue:This is a great idea. He is perfect for that role. It'll add depth to the movie/character – which this may sound corny but kinda like in the old Kung Fu the t.v. series when they would flash back to the monastery.

  8. i-Cool says:

    They should make that kid Zuko id rather c him than Jessie M.!! 😉

  9. Meredith says:

    This kid looks Eurasian. If Noah looks like him, then I'll be happier, because he'll look Eurasian too. If Noah isn't part Asian it'll just look stupid. He had almond eyes as a little kid and then grew out of them?

    Anyway, this kid is fab. I would rather have him playing all the characters than any of the chosen actors.

  10. Rae says:

    I think this is BEFORE the actual icberg incident. Well, that's how I'd picture it, like when he was younger, and playing with the other kids and monk gyatso. then the next cast member for aang will be the aang throughout the rest of the movie. doesn't that sound right? Hmm, I'm excited for this movie!

  11. Chexican says:

    Awww, what a cutie.
    If he plays Young Aang, I'm sure he'll do wonderfully! 🙂

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