The Happening has the Red-band (Restricted) Trailer for The Happening has the exclusive look at the Red-band (Restricted) trailer for The Happening. I will caution you that this trailer is meant for audiences 17 years old and above!

[Watch the Red-band Trailer]

9 Responses to “ has the Red-band (Restricted) Trailer for The Happening”

  1. iamunbreakable says:

    amazing. like i said.

  2. Mattia from Italy says:

    only one word: A M A Z I N G

  3. Dr.Hill42 says:

    Holy shit. This is gonna kick peoples' asses.

  4. Wags says:

    As excited as that trailer made me,I got more excited when I read reviews of people not on this board saying how excited they are after seeing the redband trailer.

  5. Mcjansen says:

    Ohh boy did u saw that lawnmower scene, bizar! looking really forward, something entirely different then litw and the village, cant wait

  6. universalkid1000 says:

    :crying: That was the scariest 30 seconds I have ever seen. Kudos to Night

  7. uforeader says:


  8. spikeshinizle says:

    So awesome!Less than a month to go!

  9. maya says:

    that was freaking scary!

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