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M. Night planning new original film for after The Last Airbender

Bloody-Disgusting.com recently sat down with M. Night Shyamalan to talk about The Happening coming to DVD & Blu-ray Disc next week and somehow got him to tease the notion of him directing an original idea after The Last Airbender.

“In my head I have three ideas that are fighting to be the next spec,” Shyamalan explains. “One is more straight up scary, one is more light hearted scary – kind of more in the Signs vein, which I had a great time doing the lighter end on that one – the other one isn’t… well, it’s not Gothic… but I am always in that world when I am working on original ideas. I will be shooting that one in 2010, so I have some time to decide.”

[via Bloody-Disgusting]

11 Responses to “M. Night planning new original film for after The Last Airbender”

  1. spikeshinizle says:

    So, he's shooting this original idea after the first Airbender movie? I'm confused, isn't he making a trilogy?

  2. dr. malcom crowe says:

    Yea, we're all confused I'm sure. Maybe he is going to do side projects in between the TLA movies. Maybe someone else will direct the second film. Idk.

  3. Gustavo says:

    Why confused? Didn't Chris Nolan shoot THE PRESTIGA between BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT?
    Of course Shy can make an original film between the first and second AIRBENDER chapters.

  4. dr. malcom crowe says:

    Well, not too long ago Night said he is dedicating the next 6 years of his life to the Avatar trilogy.

    This breaks that.

  5. iamunbreakable says:

    GREAT NEWS. my life isn't over for the next six years….yay…..dump avatar and MAKE ORIGINALS…….(although i will be first in line for avatar.)

  6. Unbroken says:

    I am definitely rooting for something in the Signs vein.

  7. spikeshinizle says:

    As long as he takes constructive criticism on these ideas, then I'm really excited. My worst fear is that they'll end up like the Happening…which I didn't really like.

  8. MNightFan430 says:

    Sigh…I'm so happy he's still spewing up ideas. I still think about “The Happening”. I don't care what anybody says. It was a decent film, not Night's best, but decent.

    *Stoked about the extra footage though! Anyone else drooling?

  9. iamunbreakable says:

    sir or maam….


    im drooling like a zombie.

  10. Jennifer G. says:

    I can't wait for his next orginal film.

  11. Jennifer G. says:

    Oh and if he has an actress in the film, I hope he finds someone better than Zooey Deschanel. I CANNOT stand her. She was annoying throughout the whole film.

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