Lady in the Water

New Clips from ‘Lady in the Water’ online

Some new clips of ‘Lady in the Water’ found their way online today, courtesy of and I have not watched the clips myself, but for those of you that can’t get enough, has them posted for your convince here:

(’Lady in the Water’ – Clips from the film watch at your own risk!!)

Our friend J Pickering told me that one of the clips is quite funny, one reveals this big secret about Cleveland Heep (I wonder how big this secret really is if they’re willing to let it be known in this clip) and the other clips range from scary, and emotional. All in all there are 9 clips: 8 on and 1 on I think I can wait a week to find out by watching the film in it’s entirety, can you?

7 Responses to “New Clips from ‘Lady in the Water’ online”

  1. MNightFan430 says:

    I watched two, one was Cleveland's secret which I predicted correctly, it's not that shocking, and another was with M. Night in it!

  2. Sri HK says:

    To watch or not… the problem!

  3. Sri HK says:

    Hmmm…i'm unable to play them….1?

  4. Wags says:

    Sadly, I cannot resist. I watched the ones, but the Vh1 doesnt work. Very interesting.

    I think I can understand why M Night says you have to believe the fairy tale for it to work.

  5. Dr.Hill42 says:

    Not gonna watch them. I can hold out another week. :crying:

  6. Dr. Malcom Crowe says:

    Good job Dr. Hill, we can do it! 6 more days!

  7. Maya says:

    I'm just going to wait until Friday.

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