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New M. Night Fans Chat!

We’ve just launched a new chatroom here at M. Night Fans.  We’re pretty excited about it, but it needs something: users.  So, take some time to get started.  How about we start with a time that we’ll definitely be in the chat.

How about 7pm EST, each evening, for now.  That doesn’t mean it’s the only time you can chat, so have at it!

[Come and Chat!]

2 Responses to “New M. Night Fans Chat!”

  1. maya says:

    hey, that's cool!

    although…isn't EST like 3 hours ahead of the pacific coast? at 7 it's still 4 and i (along with many others) are still at work. 🙁 perhaps it could be rotated weekly?

  2. darius says:

    is there anyone who thinks deep in relation to m nights movies

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