Avatar: The Last Airbender

New Photo of Dev Patel as Zuko Revealed

Dev Patel as Zuko in The Last Airbender
Thanks to Last Airbender Fans for the pic!

That style of helmet is not exclusive to The Lord of the Rings. It’s actually a common style of helmet from many points in history.

68 Responses to “New Photo of Dev Patel as Zuko Revealed”

  1. mrsuntail says:

    This is Great! also, any confirmation that the Blue spirit will be in the movie?

  2. respekt44 says:

    wow McDonalds…how rude can you be?

  3. avatar0771 says:


  4. berdie says:

    OMG, I haven't been on this site for like a year. Wonderful shots. When does the film come out??

  5. respekt44 says:

    @berdie- it comes out July 2, 2010….a whole YEAR from now!

  6. meghan says:

    I'm not digging the scar, not trying to be picky here but it's a defining feature that is constantly brought attention to again and again in the series.maybe a bad picture i don't know,but i think he was a really good choice for this part regardless

  7. Nephi says:

    wow…you think that the rider of rohan are the ONLY people to ever wear helmets like that? Open your minds people! How many midevil movies have you seen anyway? Not many obviously, This movie's going to be phenomenal just as M. Night is, He is one of my film idols, I can only pray to be as well of a director/writer as him.

  8. Nephi says:

    To Meghan: I think it would be a better detail of the scar if he wasn't in the snow you know? Just like Starwars, everything's harder to see in the snow…blasted snow! haha

  9. steve says:

    i love the cartoon series…if there gonna do this movie they need to do it right. The armor looks like its from the movie 300…zukos hair looks like he just came of a roller coaster and his scar looks like laugh lines…Aangs tattoo isnt blue and his cloths look nothing like the cartoon…and y r all the actors/actresses caucation?

    • Paul Martin Specter says:

      I’m going to respond to you point by point:

      “armor looks like its from the movie 300”

      No, it looks like the armor of the Riders of Rohan in Lord of the Rings. Actually: It’s reminiscent of armor from throughout a lot of history. It’s called making a realistic movie.

      “…zukos hair looks like he just came of a roller coaster and his scar looks like laugh lines…”

      You expect his hair to be perfectly brushed? Also, the scar is a realistic burn. Wait’ll you see it in High Definition.

      “Aangs tattoo isnt blue and his cloths look nothing like the cartoon..”

      They tried out MANY MANY styles for the Arrow until they found one that, not only looked great, but looked great on film and would work for the story.

      “y r all the actors/actresses caucation?”

      They aren’t.

      • steve says:

        ok dude…no one likes ur comebacks…ur just mad becouse we are pointing out all the things that we think the crew could have done a better job on…and the movie is based on a CARTOON…cartoons arnt very realistic so y should the movie be? huuuuuu?

      • steve says:


        • Paul Martin Specter says:

          I suppose the irony of that statement was lost on you. How old are you, anyway?

          I am so sure that no one likes my comebacks, because they are logical. As for the movie based on the CARTOON, look at the latest interview with Night. He’s making it more realistic and taking out a lot of the slap-sticky stuff.

          The film has every right to be realistic when the cartoons aren’t. They’d be doing themselves a disservice not to be somewhat realistic.

          I’m not mad, just upset at the ignorance that is shown, but it’s not your fault. I think age and wisdom is to blame, as well as knowledge of filmmaking, and a studio putting up $150 MILLION into a movie.

          • steve says:

            hahahahahaha yeah whatever…lol ooo ur tooo funny

          • Paul Martin Specter says:

            “ur” a hilarious guy, steve.

          • steve says:

            “ur” is short for your. slap-sticky? who says that? besides u… and CARTOON was to bring out that it is based on a cartoon…and dont call me ignorant and that “age and wisdom is to blame” cuz its not. o and does everything about u have to be logical?

  10. tyroney says:

    The initial casting rumors concerned me at first, but nowadays I'm happy to see the film is coming along nicely. I'm hoping to finally have a series of films I can collect. (grumble grumble starwars cough matrix)

  11. Ryan says:

    What? OK first off the scar should be more like a third degree burn then bad acne. This is because like 1/2 said before, The scar of Prince Zuko plays a huge role on how his character is defined and how Zuko himself portrays his actions and reactions.
    Spoiler * besides Zuko received the scar from the Fire Lord, who is a ruthless tyrant who dose NOT SHOW MERCY to his allies and more to his family.

    Second, why are people complaining about the armor and costumes and whatnot? Its like when X-Men 1 came out. Why were people hopping to see yellow spandex? I still don’t know.

    Only three things matters in all movies. which are STORY and ACTING

    If the story is a flop so will be the movie.

    If these young actors can portray the complexity that the creators of Avatar created then hands down this is be a BEYOND GREAT FLICK, if not…

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