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Rumor or Trumor? Alan Ruck in The Happening?

Every time I hear a rumor I find worthy of sharing, I am going to post it with the ‘Rumor or Trumor?’ disclaimer. Well, apparently Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off / Spin City) was doing some press rounds in Australia and mentioned that he had a role in The Happening that he couldn’t talk about. Hmm, could it be true? I shall keep you posted.

p.s. – A trumor is a rumor that turns out to be true

5 Responses to “Rumor or Trumor? Alan Ruck in The Happening?”

  1. NormS says:

    Speaking of rumors (?), word's out about an online spoiler for The Happening. Does anyone care to read it… or care at all?:

  2. Dr. Malcom Crowe says:

    I don't care to read, in fact I am thinking about not watching the trailers :tongue:

  3. problemchild says:

    Is Jeremy Irons in this, or did I just dream that? For some reason it sounds familiar…. :wassat:

  4. problemchild says:

    The link you posted is expired or dead or something? Did they take The Happening page off the meetinthelobby web site?

  5. problemchild says:

    Dang. Still can't get that meetinthelobby link to work. It just gives me the message: “You are looking for something that isn't there.” Well, crap. I don't even know what I'm looking for, since they won't show it to me.:angry:
    NormS, what was it? Information, please. 🙂

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