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Shyamalan gives project update on Unbreakable 2

Out doing press for “The Last Airbender”, filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan tells MTV News he’s still open to the idea of doing a sequel to his superhero-themed feature “Unbreakable”.

“If I think of the right story — and by that I mean something that resonates with me right now, you know, at my age and where I am and what movie I’ve come off of — if I can do that, then I’ll get really excited and I’ll write a draft and I’ll go beg Disney for us to be able to make it” said Shyamalan.

Source: www.darkhorizon.com

3 Responses to “Shyamalan gives project update on Unbreakable 2”

  1. Paul Martin Specter says:

    Wow, so by this, he doesn’t own the rights to actually make sequels to his films. Disney owns the sequel rights to Unbreakable, then… does that mean they could just make a sequel themselves?

  2. JRM says:

    Not much of an update. Lol. At least it confirms his new project isn’t Unbreakable 2.

  3. Rohan Rohan says:

    I know. It means that Disney can turn on the green light on it anytime they want to. I rather see M.Night involved with the project as an writer and director.

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