Avatar: The Last AirbenderM. Night Shyamalan

Today: The Last Airbender on DVD/Blu-ray

Director M.Night Shyamalan’s action-filled fantasy based on an animated TV series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” has arrived on DVD and Blu-ray today. The Last Airbender centers on a 12 year old boy who learns he will never be able to lead a normal life because he is a reincarnated Avatar.  Only he can keep the peace among the four nations: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Order your copy of Blu-ray here and a copy of DVD here.

Below is a deleted scene from The Last Airbender in which young Katara shows off her waterbending skills to Master Pakku before elemental lecture. And thanks to UGO for the video.

4 Responses to “Today: The Last Airbender on DVD/Blu-ray”

  1. champyShyamalan says:

    Great!!! I’m going right now for my DVD 😀 BTW great scene

  2. John says:

    I got my DVD and saw the film.
    I still love it even after all the hate it has.

  3. champyShyamalan says:

    I’ve just buy my DVD :D!!! And the delate scenes are awesome! Please buy the movie to support TLA 2!!!

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