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Untitled Project
M. Night's Next Film
Updated January 22, 2007
However unconfirmed, as M. Night could select another project to do, and nothing official has been announced, he has spoken a bit about it on ABC's The View.

Apparently, he said that it will not star actress Bryce Dallas Howard, as she has already appeared in two of his films. This follows previous two film stars Bruce Willis and Joaquin Pheonix.

Actor\Film 6th Un Signs Village Lady Next
Bruce Willis      
Joaquin Pheonix        
Bryce Dallas Howard        
Paul Giamatti      

This time around, it'll possibly include Lady in the Water star Paul Giamatti in his second Shyamalan film role. Shyamalan stated that he won't say much, but his next film will have a 'big star.'

He has stated he has two ideas:
-One is Sci-Fi/Adventure in a similar realm to Jurassic Park
-The other is a Dark/Mystery in the vien of Agatha Chrisite and Alfred Hitchcock.

Another rumor has him directing one of the last two Harry Potter films. The director states he would offer the "greatest protection" on the author's work. From the report:
"The themes that run through it...the empowering of children, a positive outlook...you name it, it falls in line with my beliefs," he said. "I enjoy the humor in it. When I read the first Harry Potter and was thinking about making it, I had a whole different vibe in my head of it. [There would be] a lot at stake emotionally. The teaching of magic would be desperately needed, there would be a lot riding on it." (PotterCast)

(8/22/06) Update thanks to dblockdedicated, in the forum: EmpireOnline.com has interviewed M. Night and he's revealed a lot about how he creates stories and his inspirations.
Empire Online: Do you have any directorial touchstones?
M. Night: The movie I kept going back to is Spirited Away, a Miyazaki movie, one of my favourite movies — such a personal movie in the fantasy genre, and also making up those rules as he went along and the unfolding of it. Each movie has its own thing. The one I'm writing now, I really love those 1970s and 60s paranoia movies – The Andromeda Strain, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, so this new one is in that kind of vein.
(1/22/07) M. Night Shyamalan goes on the town with a new script called "The Green Effect" (also wrongly called "Green Planet")
Variety: When the writer-director traveled from Philadelphia to Hollywood recently to cement his plan to turn the cartoon "Avatar: The Last Airbender" into a live-action film for Paramount, he and his new CAA reps showed several studios a new script he's written. Called "The Green Effect," the film is about a large-scale, cataclysmic environmental crisis that turns into a struggle by mankind to overcome nature.

The unveiling of the script did not immediately create a green effect for Shyamalan, as no studio liked it enough to take it off the table... ...Shyamalan might not have gotten over the Disney rejection --sources say the Mouse was not a stop on his recent tour -- but he apparently has become better at taking criticism from studio execs.

He walked away from his round of meetings with ideas and notes and has gone home to do a rewrite. Shyamalan will return within a month, armed with a script that will bear a new title, along with a cast and budget.

If the revamp scores Shyamalan a deal, he'll likely make the film before the "Avatar" pic.
See Forum for details.
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