Personal Awakenings: Night's Use of Metaphysical Archetypes

Author Topic: Personal Awakenings: Night's Use of Metaphysical Archetypes  (Read 2196 times)


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Personal Awakenings: Night's Use of Metaphysical Archetypes
« on: December 22, 2006, 06:14:28 PM »
For me it's more than just liking the work of the artist. It is in fact an awakening through a process of connecting the dots of the archetypes and their occurences on my lifepath and into my worlds of dreams from childhood to today. I am 47, African American female & an Alaskan resident for 42 years.

My significant archetypes are the waterwoman and the water-rooms. At 3yo. I decided I would take a nap after I'd become tired of trying to swim to the dock in the middle of the lake. Nearing the bottom, a woman who lived under the lake came to me. She spoke to me, then swam me close to the surface & pushed me towards the sunlight. My 11yo aunt grabbed me.

I've had strong occurences of her in 2 dreams within the last 12 month.
She came to my *laundry room* with an old ragged man. She sat silent as he read from a very long scroll. I missed every word he said because I was distracted by the * wet naked woman.* On every flat surface of her skin, there was a face. Each face asked for many different things, similar to a saint w/many patrons.

At any rate I could go on about the personal connectiveness in his use of these types but most important is that for those of us who were *pinged* in subconcious memory of what our purpose might be, the film was very sucessful and the timing couldn't have been better.