Slumdog Millionaire Ending? **SPOILERS**

Author Topic: Slumdog Millionaire Ending? **SPOILERS**  (Read 1406 times)


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Slumdog Millionaire Ending? **SPOILERS**
« on: January 18, 2009, 12:05:11 PM »
Okay just been to see this and loved it.

Thought it was a masterpiece tbh I think it will become one of my favourite films (pfft well top 25)

However, I think at the end he should have lost.

I think he should have lost and it just have meant nothing to him. Cos the whole idea was that he wanted to find Latika, that was the real motive and he'd achieved that he knew she was waiting for him after the phone call.

It kinda takes something away from the struggle or sorrow or something.

I accept it would have been anticlimactic if he had just taken the money, and I suppose (although I would have LOVED to see this) if he had just left without answering the final question after knowing Latika was alright it might have been unrealistic or something maybe.

But losing it would have worked perfectly. Yes I suppose part of me would be sad to think that he had to continue in his poverty stricken life, (although he seemed to be making a real go of it at the call centre :)) but I mean what would have happened in Cool Runnings if they had won in the end?

It would have became a crap movie that's what would have happened (and received numerous complaints that Jamaica didn't win the gold in real life)

Cos in Cool Runnings they won a moral victory. And it's the same for Jamal. He had won really. Latika was his "prize" (as she is actually described at one stage in the film - so bonus points to me for dropping that in there ;D)

Ok i'll quit before I say anymore of this rubbish what did you guys think of it?
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