M. Night Fans

Split Crawls to $100 Million Worldwide!

Split marks the comeback of the master of suspense. Yes, our own, M.Night Shyamalan—conquering cinema screens with sold out auditoriums once again. Currently playing everywhere in North America, Split opened with over $40 million last week, then dropping 34%, but still managed to crawl up to $26 million during its second week. Shyamalan’s last home run was the Grandparents thriller, The Visit, which was also funded by Night himself ($5 million), bringing over $65 million in domestic grosses and $33 million from the foreign markets.

Worldwide, Split has grossed $100 million, opening two days ago in Australia and Germany, a few days prior in Greece, Italy, Denmark, Croatia and Venezuela. But that’s not it, Universal Pictures and Blum House, two banners behind the distribution/marketing of the film, has scheduled to unleash the film in India, Turkey, Romania, Argentina, Belgium and France next month.

If you haven’t seen Split, it’s highly recommended. If you have, then make some noise in the comments below. Rejoice!