Lady in the Water: A Bedtime StoryLady in the Water: a bedtime story (Hardcover)

Written by M. Night Shyamalan, illustrations by Crash McCreery

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Hardcover: 72 pages

Publisher: Little, Brown (June 21, 2006)

Language: English

ISBN: 0316017345

Originally written by M. Night Shyamalan as a bedtime story for his own children, the story of the Lady in the Water is an imaginative reading experience that inspires readers to observe the world around them and consider their purpose on earth. Like all of Shyamalan’s work, this story offers a dark mystery with surprising twists, a touch of magic, and a powerful message at the end.

This book stands completely on its own as a unique reading experience and is intended to complement the film, rather than recreate it. While the myth of the “lady in the water” forms the basis for the plot of the film, the film characters and setting are not featured in the book. Those who both read the book and see the film will have a deeper, richer experience of Night’s story.

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