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Abrams Fans – J.J. Abrams Fansite
Last Airbender Fans – The Last Airbender Trilogy Fansite
Legendarium – Sci-Fi and Fantasy News
Masters of Cinema – A site about directors
Matrix Fans– The Matrix Trilogy Fansite
Mesozoic Mind– Give me a Mesozoic Mind
Narnia Fans– The Chronicles of Narnia Movies Fansite
Nolan Fans– Christopher Nolan Fansite
SweetPaul Entertainment– Entertainment Blog
The Terminator Fans– Terminator Movies and TV Fansite
Walden Media Fans– Walden Media Movies Fansite


Hilary Hahn– Violinist on The Village
Patrick Swanson– My friend Pat is a musician, take a listen
Silvertide– band that appears in Lady in the Water

M. Night Shyamalan– Official Site
M. Night Shyamalan Foundation– Fighting Poverty and Social Justice


Antioch – Youth Ministry with Antioch Live
GR Catholic – Catholic Grand Rapids, Michigan