3 Reasons to Watch for Last Airbender Actress Nicola Peltz

You may not know her name, but 15-year-old actress Nicola Peltz – who stars in the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan fantasy The Last Airbender in the role of Katara – could be changing that very soon. Here’s why, according to People.com:

M. Night gives her a rave review.
“I told the studio I didn’t want to make this movie without her,” Shyamalan tells PEOPLE. “I said that only once before in my career, and that was when I met Haley [Joel Osment] in the Sixth Sense auditions.” They’re buds off-camera, too: He came to Peltz’s 15th birthday party with his daughters.

She’s down with the guys from Twilight.
Peltz and Jackson Rathbone (who plays Jasper in the Twilight movies) star in The Last Airbender as brother and sister, a relationship that came easily to them. “The funny thing was, at the audition, he completely acted like my older brother,” says the actress. Plus, a source tells PEOPLE that Peltz has been cast in the next Robert Pattinson film. But don’t expect her to start dating Taylor Lautner tomorrow. This young actress comes with built-in security – six brothers!

She’s one cool chick.
As a lover of scary movies, Peltz counts The Sixth Sense among her favorites (“and not just because Night is the director,” she says with a laugh), along with some others. “I saw Paranormal Activity on Halloween with all my friends,” she says. “It scared me, but it was so much fun.”

-via People.com