New Last Airbender Cast Pictures: Aang, Zuko, Sokka and Katara

Dev Patel as Zuko

New cast pictures have surfaced of each of the primary cast members from The Last Airbender.  I’ll post comparison shots later, but for now, here are the four shots.

Images Courtesy Last Airbender Fans,


    • I’ve seen the movie. it was fairly descent, and Aang does smile a lot in it, not at first because he is in an unknown place, but he does smile.

  1. I hope that they’ll actually LOOK more like Katara and Sokka in the movie than in these pictures! 🙁

  2. I realy agrea on that both katara and aang don’t look a to promising on these pictures.
    I think Katara should have been cast a bit older

    Both Dev and Jackson look as if they can pull it off. Not so certain over the others so far.

    I also realy don’t like aang’s hoody. He never ever wair’s a hoody in the show. He isn’t a hoody character.

  3. why does katara have her book 3 hair was it to hard for the book 1 hair,cause i like the hair loopes

    • Well, the hair loopies are there–it’s just that the picture cut them off a bit. Click on it to get a larger image. :]

      I liked Katara’s Book 1 hair as well, but I don’t mind too much what they’ve done to her hair here.

      Though I’d like it if Noah smiled more… He looks so tired and so serious every time I see him. That, and I’m wondering if they’ll make Dev’s scar more prominent in the movie, because right now, it looks barely-there…

      • Actually I couldn’t really tell he had the scar until he looked to the side.

    • I have been asking myself the same question. Heck, they did a better job on Yue and her hair is more complicated. If Star wars can do some of the hairstyles they pull off for Padme and Leia, then these people should have been able to pull of a single braid with loops.

  4. Guys, seriously, there’s nothing wrong with Aang or Katara to me. A LOT of you are missing the key points about this movie. They aren’t making this movie to have the characters look EXACTLY like the characters in the show.

    Nicole doesn’t need to KNOW martial arts, she just needs to know some basic movements for what ever martial art Water Bending was based off of. In the show Katara NEVER fought hand to hand, she always used water bending. Come to think of it, 85% of the fights in the show are focused on the bending. I don’t ever remember watching the show and seeing Aang or Zuko getting punched or kick frequently.

    We know that Nicole, Dev and Jackson are good actors. All we need to worry about is Noah, because this is his FIRST acting role and he is the main character. Please stop focusing on looks and focus more on the acting and storyline. That’s really all that matters; they look relatively close to the characters.

        • What I mean is that there is not any hand-to-hand combat. For Katara, she’s never “kicked” or “punched” using her water bending, so all Nicole would need to know is the movements that were used for the water bending style. The only characters I’ve ever seen using kicks and punches with bending are firebenders, earthbenders and Aang (airbenders).

          • That’s correct! Not to mention, they do training and choreography, and do multiple takes, so she can do things until she gets them right.

            One thing that people need to keep in mind, as well, is how different people do the same martial art. If you watch a demonstration of a class doing the same thing, they do the same moves slightly differently from one another. They’re close, but it’ll look slightly different based on who is doing the moves. While they based Katara’s (and most of them) on a male martial artist doing the forms for the animation, we have to take into account her size compared to him, and the fact that she’s a girl, and girls tend to do the martial arts slightly differently. A little more fluid in places.

  5. i just heard that noah ringer is quiting the avatar movie and johhny depp is playing has the avatar…:)

  6. you know somthing none of them is smiling,i wonder why? there probly mad at each other

  7. okay…Dev as Zuko should work out, but I think that his scar looks too superficial for someone to have received that mark on purpose…WTH was he thinking with Sokka and Katara. A tanning bed is not going to make them look close enough to the original characters…They couldn’t find someone of either Asian,Black, or Alaskan Inuit descent to play them?…Sokka looks waaaaayyy too serious…and what’s with a serious Aang? I’m having real mixed feelings about where Night plans to go with this…

  8. I am sure Nikola’s martial arts skills will be just as good as Noah’s acting skills.
    They attended martial arts and acting camps before filming.
    And I read that the stunt coordinator is not a martial arts expert,
    so the “martial arts” will be totally different from the specific styles of Kung-Fu,
    researched and developed by Mike, Bryan, and Sifu Kisu.

    Since the movie is removing the Inuit out of the characters
    and replacing it with Anglo-Saxon,
    I don’t think Nikola should rock the hair loopies…
    The hair loopies were designed based on an authentic Inuit hairstyle.

  9. If M.Night Shyamalan wanted a person more like the character to play Katara he could have picked KRISTIN KREUK for that role. She did an awesome job in Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. She looks like Katara and moves like her in the movie. He also should have cast the movie with more actors of Asian Descent.The theme of the movie is from Asia. He should not make the same fatal error that was made with “Dragonball Z.” I really hope someone reads this inCA. and remakes the movie as it should be, or there are going to be a lot of dissapointed fans.

  10. Don’t like Dev as Zuko…I reckon the Aang and Katara have great actors cast for them 🙂 fingers crossed this movie lives up to thhe cartoon.

  11. I think Aang looks a bit too serious, but that’s a given for a movie… it’s unlikely they’ll have him laughing all the time like in the cartoon. Sokka and Katara look all right, though they could stand to look just a LITTLE more Asian. But Zuko… er… in the cartoon, doesn’t he have, like, SUPER pale skin? Practically the palest out of all the characters? And here, his skin is darker than any of the other characters’. And his scar is barely noticeable. Plus, what happened to the signature colors for each of the nations? Zuko is Fire Nation, so he’s supposed to be in mostly red, Aang in yellow and orange (or whatever Airbender colors are), and Sokka and Katara in blue. Instead, Sokka and Katara are in brown and white furs, Zuko is in some sort of dark blue/black outfit, and Aang is wearing a hoodie (a previous reviewer had a point. Aang NEVER wears a hoodie in the series unless he’s trying a VERY bad disguise.) I really liked the anime series and I hope the movie lives up to it.

  12. where is toph, mae, azula, and suki? also, aangs character looks either too young or too chubby, i can’t decide


  14. I’m a 47 year old male. I have been watching the show for some time. I know that if there aren’t some changes made as to quit a few comments on here I wont waist my money. It has gotten to the point that any crossovers or remakes are so different from the stories that we have come to love that they are not worth seeing. Aang smiles all the time. Zuko has that scare from hell. And I don’t care what chapter they are on I want to see Toph. M Night find a way to show us a story leadinf up the end of the story we have been watching over and over again. We want to see Aang defeat the fire lord. Whith all the carectors in place.Toph is the greatest earth bender. You can not leave her out.

  15. I think casting and costumes for this movie is spot on the only thing i would do is add a top knot for all fire nation royalty because that is a symbol of there nation and in a episode a emotional part when zuko and Iroh cut it off but maby they did and it is not showing it but all royalty of fire nation had one

  16. people are also missing the point that this was a action comedy for cartoons I think M. Night is droping the comedy act he may put in a couple of jokes here and there but he is going a in a serious path and I like it because these characters are fighting for there lives and in a cartoon you can go from happy to serious but in a 2 and a half hour movie it can’t be like that.

  17. y wld they al b asian? its based on the whole world fire nation,air nomads, earth kingdom and water tribe isnt jus asia and then england and new zealan are on the outskirts of the world. dats like sayin in reality the whole world is asian cz its not. Dats y thea r dfrnt races in this movie other thn asians cz its based on the whole world

  18. Seriously what’s with evryonce complaining about the actors? Seriously people think about. I saw the entire show and it actually makes more sense for me to cast Dev Patel as Zuko then a white boy? Want to know why? Fire Nation. If it were a real country its people would likely be dark skinned to better resist the heat from their own bending. And also while dark skin and blue eyes look great in the cartoon, they’d look kindof creepy in real life. I agree with whomever said we should focus on the acting

  19. I hope Katara and Zuko get together in the movie…It’s weird seeing Katara and Aang together….

  20. i hope aang/noah is doing his best and consulting god for guidence if he consults god than he surly will be a success in the movie!
    ps go justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. i heard that in 2012 they are going to put book 2 in avatar the last airbender. and in 2014 they are going to put book three. this is so ausome. but it is not fun to wait to more years for book 2. it will be intresting to see Toph. and 4 more years to see book 3. but it will be nice to see aang with hair.

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