Warning: Do NOT Read until you have seen the movie. The information that is here, so far, is all from the press release about the film.

The Blue World

Narf – a nymph-like character from an epic bedtime story who is being stalked by vicious creatures determined to prevent her from making the treacherous journey from our world back to hers.

Madam Narf – leader to the people

Scrunt – A fierce and formidable beast on a mission to stop Narfs like Story from moving safely around the human world – and to prevent them from ever returning home. Spiky blades of grass protrude from its back and help the Scrunt camouflage itself in the lawn. A mere scratch from a Scrunt infects its prey with deadly poison called Kii (pronounced “key”) that slowly saps the life from its victim.

Kii – The mud that can heal the effects of the deadly poison that slowly saps the life from its victim.

Tartutic – Three simian-like creatures who form an invincible force that maintains law and order in The Blue World. “These three beings are so evil, they killed their parents on the night they were born,” says Shyamalan of the fearsome threesome, whose bark-and-branch-like exterior enables them to conceal themselves in trees. “Fear of the Tartutic has upheld the laws in The Blue World for centuries. No living creature has ever seen the Tartutic, because if you see them, that means you’ve broken the law and are going to be killed.”

The Great Eatlon – Serves the greater good of The Blue World – and ours. With its 40-foot wingspan, this majestic creature is the last of an otherwise extinct race of giant eagles who transport Narfs from the human realm to The Blue World. If Story is to return home and assume her destiny to save the world as a Madam Narf, Cleveland and the tenants must help her take flight with the Great Eatlon.

Our World

The Symbolist

The Guardian

The Guild

The Healer

A Man with No Secrets

A Man whose Opinion is Greatly Respected

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