Glass Headed to San Diego Comic-Con 2018!

While Night is busy editing Glass, Universal Pictures is getting the film ready to get some publicity at the San Diego Comic-Con next month before the film’s marketing formally begins in about few months. Like any other fan out there we, too, are almost dying to see the first teaser poster and the trailer. But those who are planning to go to the Comic-Con, then you’re lucky.

As reported earlier and many of you already know Glass is a sequel to Split and the masterpiece known as Unbreakable. Just in April, at the Cinema-Con, Universal Pictures thrilled the viewers with a trailer while Night himself and his cast Mr. Willis, Mr. Jackson and Ms. Paulson were on stage.

Shyamalan at Cinema-Con:

“Eighteen years ago I had this idea: What if comic books were based on reality? I tried to tell the story of superheroes in the real world with David Dunn (in Unbreakable). Then two years ago, I got another crazy notion: What if the afflictions and disorders that everyone in society thinks make a person bad were actually gifts? And I created the origin story for an anarchist who could be good or bad.”

Glass is scheduled to hit the big screens on January 18, 2019.

Source: Deadline