M. Night Shyamalan Joins Twitter and Facebook

M. Night Shyamalan on Twitter and Facebook

Writer and Director M. Night Shyamalan has been starting to break out of his shell, and his latest attempt at that is by joining Twitter and Facebook! The filmmaker is famously secretive and tends to keep to himself. Rumors for the longest time were that he didn’t frequent the internet or even have a personal email account. Over the past couple years though, the director has become more open to the current online and social media markets. In 2010, Shyamalan took it upon himself to personally invite a couple fansites and others to a breakfast in NYC, of which I was lucky enough be to one of the few selected. Shyamalan was extremely gracious and open to fan feedback, which is counter to the negative, incorrect reputation he has gained throughout the years.

No doubt that the man has developed a rather thick skin when it comes it criticisms or film-goer perceptions, and his latest venture into the social media sphere proves that he is willing to test that thick skin. My first concern was the waves of criticisms he will likely receive, but I have faith that the Writer/Director will continue to use the services to keep fans up to date with the latest news. His Twitter and Facebook are currently unverified, but the links were shared on Google+ by Gary Whitta himself, a good friend of Night’s, and the writer of his upcoming film: After Earth.

Gary Whitta on G+

You can follow Night on Twitter at @MNightShyamalan, and ‘like’ him on Facebook by clicking here.



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  2. After Earth: really GOT IT. It was a very good movie going where no one has gone before. Sci Fi and emotion. Love between father and son. Great job! I want to see a part two in a few years of the son as a man, going back to earth with a community to take earth back for man kind.

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