M. Night Shyamalan was captivated by ‘The Last Picture Show’


Emotion and in its core permits one to move on and when I say one, I solely mean by an artist. It actually doesn’t matter what kind of artist. I have an enormous amount of respect for all them; when I was young, I was fascinated with the idea of painting and with idea of how violin works. The sound from it, emotional, travels through the invisible air and connects with one’s ears. Films later became my love, and writing, was then introduced to me when I was in the verge of understanding the meaning behind motion pictures. I often look back at the films that taught me about life, music, love, friendship, writing and myself.

I thought to share this interesting piece as it connects with me almost in the same manner, when one looks back at a film, its score, director, writer and their artistic oeuvre. Mr. Shyamalan recently sat with DGA, and in this very interesting piece, the film-maker, discusses his favorite film, The Last Picture Show.

“I want to make tonal movies [like this], where plot is almost obscene,” continues Shyamalan as the lights go down. “In fact, I think I get in trouble because my movies are presented as plot driven vehicles, so I’m perceived more for that characteristic when in reality my tastes are more here, more like Kubrick and [Antonioni’s] Blow-Up.”

Jump over at the Quarterly article as Mr. Shyamalan in depth discusses about his favorite film and how it inspired him to go on making his own films.