[Updated] Production Update #5: Shyamalan rolls the camera in N. California

M.Night Shyamalan and crew have invaded the small town in Northern California on the coast as we reported it earlier. (See our article below)  The plan is to shoot in this area for 8 days; main shoot is what Shyamalan called it before they arrived in Northern California. Today (4/23/12) the filming commenced at Burlington Campgrounds as the crew called ‘Action’ while the smoke machines were running.  And, towards the end of the day the crew began moving all the big equipment as it seemed like the shooting was wrapped at the Burlington area.

Besides the Sony truck and a Universal Studios truck moving around at the basecamp, a group of costumed and turbaned athletic men were leaving the filming site,  and it looked like a tribe from the future chasing Will and Jaden. Note: We will try to keep this segment of the production updated as long as Shyamalan and crew are shooting in N. California. So, check back soon.  [Updated]: Today we obtained a sketch of the turbaned men, which you can see below next to the crew member images that were posted yesterday. The sketch gives us an idea how the turbaned figures looks like. They can be described as sleek, androgynous, along with being athletic. What you guys think?


Update: Here we go, we obtained some more images from the set. Yesterday (4/24/12) towards end of the day crew headed towards Founders Grove, where they will be shooting all Wednesday if rain doesn’t interrupt the process. Thanks to ‘Elizabeth’ for giving me the permission to use the images of the crew at work below.

Will bring more updates later.


  1. God its exciting id love to know if theres aliens in this. I hope its scary i need this to be scary its what night does best in my opinion.

  2. It will scary for sure. And, Night once stated that the atmosphere of the film should creep you out.

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