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  1. Mr. Shyamalan, Thanks so much for your work, and especially all the twists, Thank you for your latest masterpiece, Glass. That was a truly remarkable series to date, wow. The ending was amazing, and powerful, and as I am traversing a particularly difficult life experience, one on top of the other….. that final message, makes me believe in my own strength once again after years of pounding me down….. What a gift that realization and message was today. Thank you sir, and bless you. Thank you for that realization, that message, what a gift. Thanks.

  2. Our family really liked The Last Air Bender, but it would have been nice to have a sequel. Anyone know if there might be?

    • My family is also really upset that there aren’t more parts for the other elements. My children just finished watching the cartoons and we let them watch the movie tonight. My 6 year old son asked how much it costs to get the other movies and I told him there weren’t any. I told him that it is ridiculous that people did not appreciate the fantastic work telling this story. My 8 year old
      daughter wants to put the $100 she has in her piggy bank towards the next one. We would really appreciate the remainder of the story told. We love your work!

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