MovieWeb Interviews Bryce Dallas Howard on Lady in the Water

Bryce Dallas Howard re-teams with M. Night Shyamalan in the dark fairy tale, Lady in the Water. Shyamalan made her a star in The Village and thought she would be perfect for this role. Bryce is Hollywood royalty. Here father is the Oscar winning director and actor Ron Howard. Bryce’s career is certainly taking off. She’s playing Gwen Stacy in the much-anticipated “Spider-Man 3” coming next summer. She loses her trademark red hair and is a very attractive blonde in the film.

What were your favorite Bedtime Stories?

Bryce Dallas Howard: I know you’re going to think I’m just saying this because it pertains to this, but The Little Mermaid. When I was a kid I used to collect little glass figurines. I loved the Grimm fairy tales, all of them, and then I got into Christopher Pike books at a very young age. Those are not fairy tales.

Your character doesn’t say much in the film. Were you at all frustrated by the sparseness of dialogue?

Bryce Dallas Howard: No, actually that was really nice. It’s something I realized when we were first starting to rehearse. In my personal life, I use so many words to create a boundary, so I’m actually not communicating with people. The thing that’s wonderful about the story is she’s able to communicate so much without saying hardly anything. I’ve tried to steal that a little bit into my own personal life. I think it is a much more powerful thing to listen than it is to talk.

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