New Lady in the Water Poster and Pics *Updated*

The SciFi Wire has the debut of the new Lady in the Water poster! Take a look at the poster and you will notice that there is a lot going on in it. Wolves, Vines, Monsters, Bryce’s beautiful face, and Paul Giamatti somewhere in the mix too. This poster does not include the “Bedtime Story” tag, but shows off the fairytale nature of the story. It also reads “A Film by M. Night Shyamalan“, “Time is Running Out for A Happy Ending“, and the cast and crew credits. Oh heck. check it out for yourself…


*Updates: Med-Res, Hi-Res files for Poster.

Also, The official site for Lady in the Water has been updated with a bunch of new pictures. Pretty cool stuff. Looks like Shyamalan’s role is going to somewhat extended, simular to his role as Ray Reddy in ‘Signs’. Enjoy.


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