Shyamalan hires new agents

Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan has left the United Talent Agency after more than 10 years, following such big names as Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell out the door. He has signed with Creative Artists Agency, the industry leader.

UTA signed Shyamalan before he made “The Sixth Sense,” the 1999 movie that thrust him onto the A-list, earning him Oscar nominations for best director and original screenplay. The movie became a box office phenomenon, grossing $293.5 million. Shyamalan became one of the highest-paid writer-directors in Hollywood — he earned $5 million for writing his “Sixth Sense” follow-up “Unbreakable.”

In the summer, he wrote and directed “Lady in the Water,” which made only $42.2 million. He also was the subject of a book by Michael Bamberger, “The Man Who Heard Voices: Or, How M. Night Shyamalan Risked His Career on a Fairy Tale.”



  1. Never knew that Night was with UTA. WOW, whatever he does he do it for his own good. I trust him all the time and can't wait for his next.


  2. Sorry, I'm not too hip with the inner workings of Hollywood, but my question is what does an agent do for a director? Do they just negotiate how much something sells for?

  3. Hopefully m night is going to see this. I think he did a great job on last air bender, so i think it would be beneficial to his career if he did a movie from the hit series And comic book naruto. My uncle And I think that it would be a true success if M night shyamalan directed and also wrote it. If anyone knows M night and. Can contact him, tell him about this. I feel this should have real martial artists that can also act. Thank you

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