‘The Happening’ Teaser Updates

As many of you know, the teaser has just about disappeared from the internet.  I had a conversation with someone, today, that explained the situation, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be okay with my explaining it a bit to you.

You see, if you check the comments to the previous story, someone mysterious has been replying a bit with regards to the teaser.  This person said that Night himself still had yet to sign off on the teaser.

This is the same thing that was related to me.  Not only that, but the teaser that was released to the internet has yet to be finished with color correction.  Night likes to have a lot of say in his films, and to this I say: bring it on, Night.  We can wait a little longer for the perfect version of the teaser.

Not only that, but when it launches, it’ll be up with HD versions, and the whole nine yards, and we’ll be ready to bring that to you as soon as it is available.

And it should be available some time in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned, Night fans.  Mr. Shyamalan: we’re ready!  Reaction to the unfinished version was strongly positive.  We can only imagine what this year will bring.


  1. I knew it!!! Yeah, I didn't know Fox was gonna' pull the trailer, but I was slightly disappointed by the trailer…But now we have a good reason why; it wasn't complete! I can't wait to see the finished teaser.

  2. I knew it was an incomplete trailor. A trailor is unique. specially a night's movies trailer..


  3. So, does this mean that there will be no teaser during Jumper? Or is the teaser going to be completedmbefore next Thurs?

  4. His decisions I always agree with. He's my leader.

    GO NIGHT!!!

    I don't mind waiting. :laughing:

  5. I had a feeling the trailer wasn't complete. The most obvious indication was how the title 'froze' before you saw it completley. It just sat there for a second while some audio played, then did its little animation.

  6. On another M Night fansite they have have a WMV version not a flash version of the trailer where the title doesnt skip or jump. I think this was mainly to do with the flash conversion.

    Overall I'm pleased with the trailer. I wasn't a fan of Lady in the Water but it looks like he's back to his Sixth Sense / Signs days of VERY good movies.

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