The Sixth Sense voted 2nd best ‘non-Oscar’ film

Pearl & Dean held an online poll in which 3,000+ people voted to rank the films that should have won an Academy Award but never did. The Shawshank Redemption topped the poll of films, and the supernatural M. Night Shyamalan thriller The Sixth Sense took second place.

Other rankings:

3rd Place: Fight Club
4th Place: Blade Runner
5th Place (tie): It’s A Wonderful Life & The Great Escape
7th Place (tie): Taxi Driver & Psycho
9th Place: Singin’ in the Rain
10th Plave: Dr. Strangelove


  1. that just shows you that the OSCARS ARE BULL CRAP.
    ive never watched them and never will.

    every movie on that list is great.

  2. I absolutely agree with werebearxxx. The Oscars are biased and almost never credit deserving winners. Another case in point was The Village not getting an Oscar for original background score and instead they gave it too Finding Neverland. I mean wat d hell is going on. Wat was so great abt Finding neverland's bg score. I just cannot imagine such haunting and a beautiful score by James in The Village was overlooked. And when Night makes such a beautiful fantasy movie LITW almost everyone criticised and when Peter Jackson makes an absolute rubbish Lord of the rings they give him an Oscar. This is just not on. Oscars are ridiculous guys.

  3. The problem with the Oscars is that most of the movies that get nominated–especially those that win, are boring, repetitive and serious…A bit too serious most of the time. In order to win an Oscar, it seems as though an actor must play a mentally ill person, a prostitute, a cripple, a serial killer, a drug addict, and/or an orphan. It's dang near impossible for a 'fun' or 'entertaining' film to win. And that saddens me. The Sixth Sense should have won; it had both worlds. It was entertaining and serious at the same time. Great movie.

  4. Makes me more curious for The Happening. Will it be on Oscar or Peral & Dean's poll. Keep hearing the voices, Mr. Night.

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