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M.Night Shyamalan talks ‘Devil’

M.Night Shyamalan talks about his upcoming thriller “Devil”. The film’s idea comes from his mind and it’s directed by Drew Dowdle and John Erick Dowdle. Brian Nelson wrote the screenplay for the DEVIL and it’s starring Chris Messina, Bojana Novakovic, Geoffrey Arend, Logan Marshall-Green and Caroline Dhavernas. The film is about a group of people trapped in a elevator realize that the devil is among them when they start dying one by one. In the video below M.Night Shyamalan briefly talks about on how the idea of DEVIL came to his mind. Enjoy!

DEVIL opens the door to elevator on September 17th, 2010.

3 Responses to “M.Night Shyamalan talks ‘Devil’”

  1. John says:

    It seems that M. Night was influence by Hitchcock movies that explains the suspense of the movie DEVIL. Can’t wait for the movie.

  2. Brandon says:

    arent theyre any reviews on the movie especially cuz its less than a week before its out

  3. Eryn says:

    I don’t see why everyone decided to hate on Shyamalan so much. The guy is sort of a genius.

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