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Official site to “The Night Chronicles”

The Night Chronicles official website is up and running with a Devil trailer which was released few days ago. The website is currently under construction. You can get more information once the site is up and running with full content at

The Night Chronicles is a production entity with Media Rights Capital, focused on generating a series of supernatural thrillers. The films are based on original ideas from M.Night Shyamalan. Night will not write or direct these films, but will look to collaborate with inspiring filmmakers.

Devil is the first film in this series of The Night Chronicles. Devil opens September, 17th, 2010.

5 Responses to “Official site to “The Night Chronicles””

  1. Jose Rocha says:

    Would be great if some wallpapers with this logo from “the night chronicles” was realised

  2. uforeader says:

    I agree. I love the new Night Chronicles logo. Wallpaper please!

  3. John says:

    Bad ASS Film

  4. juanka says:

    what the next night chronicles. im wating for the next one . devil was very good

  5. Adam says:

    I would absolutly love it to pieces if there was a more powerful ending and if they made the older women look more demonic at the end. All in all i thought it was awesome 🙂 cant wait for the next night chronicles to come out.

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