M.Night Shyamalan answers back to a reporter!

“I think if I thought like you I’d kill myself. Everything you said is the opposite of my instinct as an artist. The way you just thought, I literally would kill myself,” Shyamalan said.  And that’s just the start of a near 3 minute answer. – Watch the rest of the press conference below.


  1. I think M. Night’s response was very underwhelming. Came across ignorant and immature. But, I’m crossing my fingers (again) for a comeback with his next movie.

    • I disagree. I think his response was right on the money. He was absolutely correct. Why would you tell an artist to stop working if their work stopped pleasing you? Artists create and people respond. I would challenge you to find one director whose entire film catalog you’ve liked.

  2. I thought his answer was right on the money. To have Night try to give a nice, PC answer would be unwise. That reporter, while asking a tough question, was asking it in a horribly rude way that was, above all things, malignant in nature. Night gave a great answer, one that stays true to his belief that filmmaking is art, and that he will keep making his art and then showing it to the subjective masses. And the fact that he said The Village is his favorite movie he made was pretty cool. Even more so, the fact that he acknowledges that Unbreakable is better than the 6th Sense just cements in my head further that he knows what he is doing.

  3. Yeah, the words are immature and arrogant – but the words that came from the interviewer.

    Night answered back in quite a polite and reasonable way, more than the reporter deserved to hear.

  4. “If I thought like you I would kill myself”. Seriously? Yeah, very polite and reasonable.

  5. Add more jokes Zuko is upset but when you dont expect it hes pleasent but keep the sereousness and balance the jokes. so Zuko is like a hero in disguise

  6. are you people aware he practically said “go kill yourself” or something along those lines? witch is typically said by 8th graders when they have no real comeback, or by high schoolers who are trying to be funny

  7. @JRM that was a friggin’ joke
    M. Night answered epic and the reporter was just plain stupid, saying people have lost faith in his movies. The Village is my most favorite to date, Lady in the Water was unusual but also very unique in it’s very own way and The Happening was the only scary movie that actually scared me.
    M. Night rocks, there’s no room for haters on a fansite

  8. He probably shouldn’t have even dignified an idiotic question like that with a response. It wasn’t even a question. It was someone disguising an insult as a question. Why should he have to defend excellent films that millions of people love and most of which have made tons of $ at the box office?

  9. Rude, dumb-ass question. Interesting answer. Dude’s way articulate. Kind of nice to see him get pissed for a change. Normally, he’s so cool-headed, it’s kind of off-putting.

  10. I can only say that M. Night was defending his independece on filmmaking. These people did’t realize that he did not plan to make this movie. His daugther champion him into make this movie. Because he is not use to make movies base on anime shows and don’t wants to dissapoint his kid he took the challenge. He made this movie his own way and to make some changes not to hurt the film but to formatted in film and to show his vision.

  11. All I can say is that M. Night fight for what he believe was right. He is a filmmaker with independence, he did not plan in making a movie base on a anime show. So he took the challenge and make the movie his own way and piss off the puritist fans of the show. He has alot of GUTS! Another filmmaker would bowndown to the fans and give then what they want thats typical in hollywood. In contrast M. Night did the unthinkable and make the film his way. The best is yet to come M. Night will still continue to finish the trilogy with a lot of surpises.

  12. @Aristacrima

    I’m not a hater (whether you believe me or not, I could care less), but that reporter said what is on the minds of so many people. And yes, even in the minds of many of his fans. His response was so childish and flat-out wrong. Suicide is never something to joke about.

  13. @ JRM

    What the reporter said is in the mind of many people that just wants an “Sixth Sense part 2′. And that’s it. Night knows better that his art can be more than a movie that turn out pop because of a, well, “pop” twist ending. People in general (even some ones that says that are “Shyamalan fans”) just want an instant pleasure of a pop surprise, and that’s it.

    I think that ‘Lady in the Water’ and ‘The Happening’ are lacking movies, not really “good”, by they have some interesting concepts. And while these 2 movies don’t move me at all, Shyamalan made other 4 excellent movies in my opinion, 2 of these that are on my top 10 favorite movies (‘The Village’ and ‘Unbreakable’).

    And it is nice to see that Night does not just agree with the whinning crowd that demands a new “6th Sense”. I agree eith the fact that “The Village” and “Unbreakable”, are, in fact, more intriguing, elaborated and thought-provoking than 6th Sense. Overall, they are, to me, better or more “artistic” than “6th Sense”.

  14. i will see the moive and decide. m night syamalan hsa always intrigued me with his movies. mainly they are away from holiwood steriotype and quite creative.it seems as if an artist is at work

  15. Am I the only one whose first reaction to the video clip was, “Whoa. Shyamalan is having a seriously bad hair day”? 🙂

  16. I say M.Night is brilliant, he’s a world class writer and director, no one can weave a story like he can. Anyone who says his movies have gone commercial, just doesn’t ‘get’ his vision as a storyteller

  17. The interview is just riding the critics wave…she mentions that audience lost faith in his work from lady in the water and onwards. Lady in the water was a tough movie, appreciated only by few, so I give her right there, but the happening, despite not being a strong effort, was not a flop financially. Given his previous record of cinematic successes, it is a fact that he can hardly be seen as a director on his was down after his second movie…

  18. Okay, I understand what he’s saying but really if you’re making a film with a pre- existing fan base it’s usually best to make a movie about that story. Frankly the movie was horrible and I won’t be watching the other two he’s doing in that series because frankly he doesn’t get that world. On the other hand I’ll watch his original movies because sometimes those are interesting and good–to me. It’s all a matter of opinion, and mine is that they should give the series to someone else.

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